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This training is educational in nature only and does not replace the advice of your doctor or health practitioner.

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Life Over Lyme Unique Masterclass Series

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As you gain this valuable information and knowledge, you will be able to help yourself, your loved ones or other people you may or may not know with Lyme disease.

With this investment, you're also contributing to further advancing this knowledge into the world so that people can take charge of their health while saving time, money and health!

Lyme has handicapped enough people already! Let's do this together!

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What People Are Saying:

Catherine Gagnon! A name I will never forget. As I was in treatment to fight lyme disease, Catherine helped me a lot with my protocol of care, my treatment schedule, my food, detox etc ... Also, one of the most beautiful gifts she gave me is to have returned to being myself fully, to respect my needs, respect who I am, set healthy boundaries and finally move ahead with my artistic projects. She believed in me and trusted me. She supported me during difficult times, she was available and very open minded during my 90 days of intensive transformation. What a treasure she is! Thank you! Catherine.

J. P.

I was completely lost, physically, emotionally with regards to my questioning about Lyme. I had scored very high on an Elisa test but it was considered a false positive. My symptoms were dizziness, mental fog, extreme fatigue, fever, confusion etc... Then I started the coaching sessions for Lyme and made drastic changes in many aspects of my life as I followed Catherine's advice. Food, natural supplement, exercise and emotional healing to regain my self-confidence. Gradually my symptoms decreased, I regained confidence in myself. I had the answers to my questions, I had the support and the trust of a group of people who lived the same thing as me. Wow what a relief. I'm still not 100% certain that I have Lyme disease but it does not matter because my health has dramatically improved and I can say that Catherine Gagnon contributed a lot to this victory. Thank you so much Catherine, please continue to be inspiring and dedicated to get involved in this cause and give us lots of energy. Your friend David

D. R.

Lyme, this complex infection, was explained to me as never in all my researches, including those carried out on the website of the Quebec Association of Lyme Disease. Catherine explains everything you need to know to get by and all the way from the first symptoms to your own healing. I decided to follow her example by committing myself on the same path as hers. Already with this training I had everything in hand to engage in this process and I decided to also engage in her 12 weeks coaching program for Lyme disease. After only a week or two everything began to improve: the rib pain decreased, I realized that I had less difficulty breathing, had no more morning diarrhea, one pee at night instead of three, more energy during the day. After 3 weeks I could make sentences that made sense gain. In 5 weeks I regained more energy than I expected. After 7 weeks, almost no more pain, and in 10 weeks I had almost no more symptoms of Lyme. Catherine Gagnon who, after intensive research with leading Lyme specialists from the United States, was able to make her own protocol and heal her own Lyme infection. And here I am, following her steps and I heal too!! All of that with almost no Herx! Thank you so much Catherine for helping me get on with my life again!! I'm forever grateful to you!

D. D.