Life Over Lyme Unique Masterclass Series

It begins with early signs and symptoms: fever, chills, headache, fatigue, muscle and joint pain, and swollen lymph nodes -- all common in the flu.

But this isn’t a flu.   In up to 50% of Lyme infections, a rash is one of the first symptoms

If gone untreated, the symptoms worsen to : pain, weakness or numbness in the arms and legs, vision changes, heart palpitations and chest pain, a rash, and facial paralysis (Bell’s palsy).

Weeks, months, or years later the symptoms worsen to include: arthritis, severe fatigue and headaches, vertigo, sleep disturbances, and mental confusion.

I have been there - and I know how complex Lyme is.

You will agree with me, whether you have lived with Lyme for years, or whether you are new to it.

Desperation sets in.

Confusion clouds your thoughts.

From doctor, to doctor … changing treatments … spinning in circles.

You just want your life back.

Take it back now - and own it as I did, and will show you how to.

Good news - it is possible to navigate through the knowledge and insights of others. These essentials will allow you to shortcut the journey and align with your optimal path of healing to regain your life from Lyme disease.

Optimal management, from Diagnosis to Treatment begins here.

Choose Life over Lyme.

Get all the knowledge gathered from the extensive research I did to save my life when I was very sick, along with the best practices that have helped countless amount of people accelerate their healing journey.

This course is THE course I would have loved to have when I was sick.

This would have saved me time, health and 50K of the 75K I spent to regain my life!

Lyme disease is very expensive and most often is not covered under insurance plans.

In the Life Over Lyme unique Master Class Series you will access the knowledge and protocols that I created which allowed me to find 80% of my normal self in 4 months and to feel 95% myself within 1 year.

This is unheard of for a stage 3 chronic Lyme that was dormant for 16 years in my body - without knowing it was there!  

And it’s possible for you too!


To fully recover your health and life from Lyme disease, it is important to adopt these 5 pillars of treatment:

1) Support the adrenal glands and mitochondria

2) Support and modulate the immune system

3) Reduce the inflammatory cytokine cascade induced by pathogens, by the immune system and the unhealthy habits / attitudes of life 

4) Detoxify the body daily

5) Reduce the microbial load with antimicrobials whether plants or antibiotics and aim to eradicate the illness in all its forms


Get access to everything I know about Lyme.

In this unique training of 12+ hours you get access to my medical knowledge through:

- my training as a nurse practitioner;

- knowledge from leading specialists in Lyme disease;

- my own personal remedies that healed me in less than 1 year;

- all the knowledge that overlapped from different Lyme experts included in my protocol;

- my professional experience, as I accompanied many others to accelerate their own healing journeys.


Sign up now and also get

- an extensive Power Point presentation (yours to keep, view, pause, repeat – as many times a necessary) that is filled with BONUS documents such as:

- whole protocol with names of supplements and how to use them

- where to buy products that have been researched and carry evidence of their efficacy

- Bonus video explaining the A-Z of how to make the best and easy use of the protocol and all the tools available

- recipes and optimal nutrition tips

- action guides to get you started quickly


Fast-forward your Life as you save Time, Money and Health on this Lyme journey!


You will learn rapidly and effortlessly with very user-friendly terms:

Everything about the unique protocol that I put together with a combination of herbs and essential supplements as described by experts and my own trial and error process. This protocol continues to be very successful for both my clients and I.

How supplements work in the body, what they do and why they are essential

Optimal nutrition during Lyme disease treatment to regain health: how to eat and support vital functions such as immune system, gut, adrenal, mitochondria, blood vessels, brain, etc!

How to detox from heavy metals, mycotoxins, parasites, electromagnetic fields and other toxins that are part of our modern environment

How to protect yourself and your family from environmental toxins

How emotions have a big influence on the rate of healing and how you can use notions of emotional healing to reduce the impact of stress on your already overwhelmed body

How to chose wisely who you surround yourself with as part of your healing journey

How to manage stress effectively to promote healing


Change your Life Today.

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This Master Class is just as beneficial if you wish to support someone who is living with Lyme.

Save hours. Save Dollars. Save a life.


Click HERE to register and have access to this amazing training!


Thank you very much for taking your Life seriously and look forward to seeing you there

Catherine Gagnon, Health & Wellness Coach with a specialty in Lyme disease coaching