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I hold a Master’s degree as a Primary Health Care Nurse Practitioner and practice as a Health & Life Coach with an expertise in Lyme disease coaching. I’m so grateful to say that I’ve recovered within a year from a stage 3 chronic Lyme using natural methods.

I was infected with Lyme in 2000 in Australia but didn’t know about it until June of 2016 when the disease started to take over most of my body. 

It started with digestive issues, bloating, belly pain, and intermittent diarrhea.

Then it involved my lungs with a spontaneous pneumothorax (partial lung collapse) and difficulty breathing. Heart palpitations even at rest, intermittent sweats/fevers with intense chills, feeling frozen in the middle of hot summer days. I had migrating pain in my muscles, joints, weird headaches, pain under my feet, pain in my jaw, neck and teeth.

Catherine Gagnon
Health Coach and Nurse Practictioner

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My mission is to help people suffering from Lyme disease acquire the knowledge and transcend the barriers needed to save time, money, and health during their healing journey from Lyme disease so that they can enjoy their life, regain freedom and feel a sense of physical and emotional wellbeing.

In Love and Health,

Catherine Gagnon


If you’ve been feeling stuck during your health journey or unable to know where to start with addressing the complex challenge of Lyme disease; if you’d like to get personalized & professional guidance to gain more clarity about your next steps, I invite you to book a discovery session with me.

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In this session together:

  • We'll look over your health situation, actual investigations and protocols if any
  • We'll identify which of the 5 pillars needs to be added or optimized as part of your recovery
  • We'll discover what is slowing you down or stopping you from recovering your health
  • We'll identify the habits and mindset that hinder your healing
  • We'll create a clear powerful vision for what your Life Over Lyme looks like for you
  • We'll create a step-by-step plan to move you forward.

This session usually lasts 120 minutes, the current investment is 397$ (approx. USD$290).

All sessions are offered over the phone or on a user-friendly online platform with camera.

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