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YES, there IS a Life Over Lyme as my clients and myself are a living proof of that!

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"In 10 months of natural U.S treatment, the improvements are slow, but visible! People tell me about it and sometimes make me realize it. I have new energy to live (by managing it), without being constantly in a state of survival / agony! With technical aids, I manage to get out of my house! My disabling pain and symptoms are manageable. There are still more difficult days (when I eat less well, sleep less well, go to bed too late, etc.) but there are less often! The care protocol, lifestyle and reprogramming of the subconscious done with Catherine Gagnon, a former Nurse Practitioner, are effective! I can confirm it, I am living proof! One drop at a time, a lot of love for oneself and for others and for the spirit."

"Never give Up!"


Before coaching with Catherine I was feeling a lot of symptoms of Lyme disease despite many other treatments: fatigue, joint pain, muscle pain, cramps, numbness, headaches, forgetfulness, upset stomach, heart palpitations and more. Before getting out of bed I was anticipating being in pain so I didn't even want to get up. When people would ask me to help them I was feeling so stressed and frustrated because I didn't feel well and I didn't know how to say no. It was hard on myself. I didn't have any energy to do anything else other than work. I realized I couldn’t get better by myself and needed to prioritize myself. Now I feel good. I haven't used CBD oil in months. I have Energy like crazy and I can exercise, ride my bike and go hiking. I feel lighter, my mood is much more positive and I find joy in the present moment. I’m no longer edgy with situations and people. Something has shifted in me as I am returning to being myself and learning about how my body works. Even my relationship is better with my son and with my brother and sister. I no longer feel guilty when I can’t help someone. I don’t know if I’ve ever felt this amazing in my life. I'm inspired to continue to improve and live to the fullest! I have a lot of amazing people in my life but I have to say I’ve never met a person like Catherine before. She has inspired me, lifted me to great heights that I never thought I could achieve. She has brought me back to my old improved Self.


After 3 weeks of coaching with Catherine and integrating the supplements, I went from needing to take anti-inflammatories for pain 4 times a day to taking none in the last 2 weeks. I started to climb our beautiful mountains of Colorado with my wife again, something I hadn't done in 6 months! I'm getting to know my body to take better care of it through the Lyme journey and beyond.


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